Monday, November 10, 2008

The Little Black Book Of Real Estate Essentials

The Little Black Book of Real Estate Essentials is a compendium of interesting and informative explanations designed to provide all Australians with a concise reference for terms and jargon used within the Real Estate Industry. Together with this invaluable information is an A to Z explanation of key-words used by the industry. The information is compiled as an aid to making sense of the paperwork and jargon that Australians are confronted with up when they decide to invest in the purchase or the development of Real Estate. If you the purchaser of this handy little book require advice please contact the Licensed Professional listed in our Professional Support Section. This invaluable pocket-sized reference aid is not published, marketed or sold as financial advice. This booklet will help you the buyer or seller, avoid the pitfalls of unscrupulous or mis-informed self-styled advisors.

Don't get caught up un costly mistakes, purchase this simple to read pocket-sized booklet and keep it in your Handbag or Glove-compartment.

Don't just hope for the best, when making the biggest and most inportant purchasing decision in your life, read the booklet, take it with you when you view Show-homes and always have it handy when sitting down with a salesperson: Don't assume everything is going to be taken care of, ask questions before you sign anything, particulary if you hear a word or phrase you don't understand, get out your invaluable gide and look it up! If you are still not sure; use the local Professional Support Section, to find a friendly Licensed Professional in your area for an honest unbiased answer to those difficult questions and confusing jargon.

Mums and Dads, give your Children a gift that keeps on giving, purchase this handy reference guide for them and rest assured that they are now at least in a position to protect themselves from unscrupulous operators.

The average Home price in Australia  is now approximately AUD$500,000.00; you will agree that the cover price of this invaluable support guide is a small price to pay for honest inbiased support at your finger tips!

Only $65.00 GST inc + P&H anywhere in Australia.